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The remnant

“You are sinners”

“You are sinners,” when said to a Christian congregation en masse, is wrong.  The congregations’ basic Christian identity – that of being “in Christ”, and with all that this entails – is not being recognised.
See David’s post, The church is no longer in a state of sin.

“We are the remnant”

The statement, “We are the remnant,” when said of the congregation and without mind of other Christians as members of the remnant also, is wrong.

Jesus was the remnant, and as the Messiah and the King he represented the nation of Israel in himself when he went to the cross.  In his resurrection and ascension, Jesus continues to be the remnant, and in Christ, Christians (comprising both Jewish and “gentile” Christians) are members of the remnant.  In this way the phrase, “members of the remnant” is more appropriate.

There are many members of the remnant (that is, of the church).  In fact, there are perhaps two billion members of the remnant.  See also David’s post, The church has members in many nations.

Do those Christians have “Holy Spirit”?

Christians by definition are baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.