Together, the church announces that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus (the Jewish messiah, who was crucified, buried, and bodily raised from the dead) is Lord (of heaven and earth).
The announcement that Jesus is Lord, now, is God’s power, and is rooted in history.  And with the announcement is the call to repent, believe and be baptised, now.

Can you look upon the world now, and say, “Jesus is Lord?”  And can you explain why?
Because, the same is the pattern of Christian wealth, today.

Conversation may be needed, to mutually understand the above.

Can a hand have money, and a foot, not?
No, because the hand and the foot belong to the same body.

The hand can give money to the (mindful?) foot.
But if the hand does not want to, the hand may have a problem with the foot, or with vanity.

The hand is not wealthy independent of the foot, and the foot is not poor independent of the hand.